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Welcome to "DebugRoom". This is an announcement for visitors to the BugNaga's website.

"DebugRoom" is a personal website of BugNaga (me).
You are free to use my programs and tools, but keep them for personal use only and refrain from reprinting them on other sites or magazines without permission unless otherwise specified.
Please read the terms and conditions of use carefully, as they are described in the text included on pages.
The copyrights to the text and images on pages, with some exceptions, belong to the author, BugNaga. Please do not use them without permission.
BugNaga does not guarantee the contents of the information on these pages.
If you have any questions or find any errors in the contents, please let us know using the mail form.
You are free to link to my Website without permission, but I would appreciate it if you let me know.
Privacy Policy
This is a private site and we do not give special consideration to privacy. However, personal information obtained from users will not be provided to third parties except as required by law.
If users enter personal information on bulletin boards, etc., it may be made public, so please be careful when writing.
Update 2022/09/24
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